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Message from JISNAS

Message from the Chair of the Steering Committee

JISNAS (Japan Intellectual Support Network in Agricultural Sciences) is a cooperation among Japan-based universities, international agricultural research institutions, and international cooperation agencies that are focused on agricultural sciences and international agricultural cooperation. Universities may cooperate internationally in several ways. One is to contribute to building the capacity to grow high-quality human resources both in developing countries and in Japan. Another way is to implement academic research on specific issues in developing countries and internationally. Being actors who practice various activities relating to international cooperation is yet another way. The objective of JISNAS is to promote cooperation among institutions of higher education, such as universities, in cooperative international activities in agricultural education, research, and public relations, and to collaborate with international agricultural research institutes in Japan.

JISNAS was founded on November 30, 2009, and has been promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience through various activities in order to achieve our purpose. Meanwhile, the globalization of society and economics in the world, including in developing and rising countries and emerging countries, has progressed, and the need for international cooperation has diversified and become more complex. Thus, the internationalization of universities and research institutes is now an essential trend. The international cooperation network in agricultural sciences has concentrated individual knowledge and is expected to be effective presently. The promotion of cooperation in international agricultural education and research through JISNAS can be considered to contribute not only to human resource development in developing countries but also to developing the capacity of young scientists, researchers, administrators, and consultants who have engaged in international education, collaboration, and international cooperation in Japan. We believe that JISNAS activities will lead to the strengthening of the role of Japanese universities in the real world. Thank you very much for your active support, understanding, and participation in JISNAS.

Kazuo Ogata
Chair of the Steering Committee, JISNAS