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Message from JISNAS

Message from the Chair of the Steering Committee

Since its foundation on November 30, 2009, the Japan Intellectual Support Network in Agricultural Sciences (JISNAS) has made great contributions in the field of agricultural sciences. It has promoted cooperation among universities and other higher educational institutions that are committed to playing a part in international activities focused on agricultural education, research, and social contribution. It has also served as a bridge between the educational institutions and international institutions/organizations based in Japan that specialize in agricultural research. The JISNAS is committed to further expanding its activities by involving a broader range of international institutions.

In recent years, an increasing number of people, particularly those in emerging countries, have been seeking variety in food. As an approach to sustainable food production aimed at achieving food security, nutritional improvement goals, and environmental preservation, Field Science plays an increasingly important role in establishing a new technology by integrating the basic findings that have been accumulated in developed countries and adapting it for use in other regions in the world.

The actual sites in the world where agricultural, forestry, and fishery products are produced, on the other hand, are replete with 'research seeds' that can reveal agricultural issues of a global scale and generate new academic knowledge. These are, in fact, the sites where issues can be solved and basic research findings can be applied. Most importantly, they give us the opportunity to not only develop and try out the innovative approaches that are based on the integration of various agricultural disciplines but also educate and train individuals to handle such innovations. Based on a clear understanding of the important roles played by such agricultural sites, universities and other higher educational institutions are encouraged to accumulate and disseminate their knowledge and experience in training young researchers and engineers, and to provide new insights into the field of agricultural science, which is by its nature a multidisciplinary academic field.

Through the promotion of international cooperation in agricultural education, research, and partnership, the JISNAS has not only contributed greatly to successful human resource development in developing countries but also offered high-quality learning opportunities to aspiring individuals in Japan who are willing to take part in international education, joint international research efforts, and international partnership. These successes have strengthened the presence of academic, research, and international institutions of Japan in the international community.

We appreciate your kind understanding and support for our activities, and invite all aspiring individuals and organizations to join us in our endeavor.

Akira Yamauchi
Chair of the Steering Committee, JISNAS