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Privacy Policy

Japan Intellectual Support Network in Agricultural Sciences (JISNAS) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of its members, online members and users, and commits to collect, use, and manage their personal information properly.

1.Collecting Personal Information

JISNAS collects personal identifiable information from its members, online members and users who receive JISNAS services on a consent basis. JISNAS will specify the purposes of collecting personal information at the time of collection.

2.Using Personal Information

The collected personal information will be used only for the following purposes. It is not disclosed to third parties without the original holder's consent.

  • (1) To identify members and online members, to inform JISNAS services, and to send renewal notices about JISNAS services.
  • (2) To manage JISNAS services and activities such as communication among members or members of the steering committee.
  • (3) To provide information about JISNAS services and to conduct surveys for improving JISNAS services.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, JISNAS will use, disclose, or release personal information under the circumstances when:

  • (1) Valid legal process requires it.
  • (2) The original holder agrees.
  • (3) JISNAS subcontracts its activities to outside contractors for carrying out its organization objectives.
    (Ex. sharing the personal information with a courier company for delivering JISNAS materials)

3.Managing Personal Information

JISNAS manages the collected personal information with utmost care to prevent any improper disclosure, destruction, modification, and/or loss. JISNAS is not responsible for managing the personal information that is disclosed by the original holders themselves or already in the public.

4.Disclosing and Correcting Personal Information

JISNAS provides the personal information when requested by its original holder of the information. When the holder requests for a correction of his/her data, JISNAS complies with the request with shortest delay.

5.JISNAS Web Site

Visitors should use JISNAS Web site at their own risk. JISNAS has no responsibilities on any outcomes from using the information obtained both from JISNAS Web site itself and from other Web sites linked to JISNAS Web site.


Please contact us by telephone, Fax or a contact form on the Web site with any inquiries about our Privacy Policy:

JISNAS Secretariat Division
Tel:052-788-6166 Fax:052-789-4222