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This network is called Japan Intellectual Support Network in Agricultural Sciences (JISNAS). Objectives of JISNAS are to promote cooperation among 1) universities that intend to participate in activities in international cooperation in terms of education, research, social contribution etc., in agricultural sciences, and 2) universities and international agricultural research institutions. JISNAS aims to prepare structures of cooperation among members to promote international cooperation activities.

To achieve the objectives, JISNAS participates in the following activities in cooperation with Japanese/foreign universities, related Ministries/government agencies, and international cooperation organizations:

  • (1) Support international cooperation
  • (2) Integrate and network dispersed knowledge and technologies (human resources)
  • (3) Motivate researchers/faculty
  • (4) Promote project entrustments through the network operation
  • (5) Promote understanding of international cooperation activities by university faculty/staff and the general public
  • (6) Participate in other activities to achieve the objectives of JISNAS