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<Report>JISNAS-WUR-YAU Joint Seminar and Workshop 2018 "IPM Seminar and Workshop on Improvement of Agricultural Research and Application"

We held the JISNAS - WUR - YAU Joint Seminar & Workshop 2018: "IPM Seminar and Workshop on Improvement and Application of Agricultural Research" with JISNAS, Wageningen University Research Center (WUR) in the Netherlands, and YAU on 3rd and 4th February, 2018 at Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) in Myanmar.

3rd February (SAT) : JISNAS - WUR- YAU Joint Seminar 2018 on IPM

A joint seminar on comprehensive pest and weed management (IPM) was held at Auditorium of YAU.

We delivered three keynote lectures: (1)"Epidemiology and integrated control of plant pathogens in arable crops and vegetables" from the Netherlands, (2)"Field practices of IPM in Southeast Asia" and (3)"Development of IPM system for sugarcane white leaf disease based on the ecology of the vector insects" from Japan. Some topics from YAU research groups were introduced. We listened their recent activities and discussed with participants for deepening academic understanding in specific research fields toward quantitative and qualitative improvement of agricultural products. We were able to have a meaningful exchange of opinions.

Keynote Session:


■Dr. Huub Schepers, Senior Plant Pathologist, Wageningen Research, WUR
  "Epidemiology and Integrated Control of Plant Pathogens in Arable Crops and Vegetables"

■Dr. Sotaro Chiba, Associatie Professor, Asian Satellite Campuses Institute, Nagoya University, Japan
  "Field Practices of IPM in Southeast Asia"

■Dr. Yoichi Kobori, Senior Researcher, Pest and Disease Control Project, Tropical Agriculture Research Front, JIRCAS
  "Development of IPM System for Sugar cane White Leaf Disease based on the Ecology of the Vector Insects"

Oral Session:


■Dr. Nang Kyu Kyu Win, Associatie Professor, YAU, Myanmar
  "Phytoplasma Distribution in Myanmar "

■Mr. Zaw Lynn Myo Htun, Associatie Professor, YAU, Myanmar
  "Species Richness of Riceland Spiders, Biological Control Agent of Rice Pests in Myanmar "

February 4th (Sun) : Joint Workshop 2018 on Improvement of Agricultural Research and Its Application



At the Convocation Meeting Room of YAU, a joint workshop on improvement of agricultural research and its application was held.

The morning session was aimed at sharing information on continuous cooperation by Japanese universities, JICA, JISNAS, WUR and providing detailed information on the current JICA project at YAU. In the afternoon session, we discussed how a tripartite collaboration could effectively contribute to further improvement of their research activities at YAU and to be recognized their status as a "research-intensive university"

JISNAS and WUR suggested to support various activities in not only technical fields but also short-term training programs on research-based education and problem-solving lectures, expansion and improvement of research projects. JISNAS - WUR - YAU will continue discussion together.

In Summary

DSCN4850 - コピー.JPG

WUR signed a Memorandum of Understanding in June 2017 for the establishment of a long-term cooperation aimed at strengthening international cooperation in agricultural research and higher education in Asia. JISNAS has provided substantial contribution to the YAU-JICA Technical Cooperation Project "Capacity Development of Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) in Myanmar" and WUR has conducted research projects in various ways to improve agricultural production in Myanmar. On this occasion, JISNAS and WUR held the Joint Seminar on integrated pest management (IPM) with YAU. Over 120 persons including many YAU faculties and students with the other scientists from related organizations participated in the joint seminar and workshop. We would like to express sincere appreciation to all the participants.

We are going to plan bilateral or trilateral research projects together. We hope this opportunity would be able to provide a significant occasion for three parties to share and promote a concept of research-based education (RBE).

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